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2015, Volume 2 Issue 2

DTM Life : 2018 PyeongChang Winter  Olympics Preparation Experience

Group Photo at the PyeongChang Organizing Committee for the 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games

DTM students enjoyed the winter in an Olympic style

Written by Diego Urena,
Class of 2016

Maurice Abalo came from Togo where his life usually doesn`t include winter and where ice skating is something he only sees in television. But that didn`t stop him from jumping into the Gangneung Ice Arena in Gangwon province and in few minutes he could even move without holding the barrier.

"Look Sibu, look" he shouted excitedly to his friend and classmate Sebusiso Keketsi, who was still trying to separate from the border on the arena.

Abalo success did not come only by himself. Some students like Assan Turlybayev, who works in an ice rink back in Kazakhstan, tried to help those with less experience. A true showing on how the class is getting more united with time.

At the end of the skating experience a small train was formed, leaded by the Ecuadorian Paola Olmedo and integrated by six other classmates, even by Monica Rusdianto who screamed with excitement since it was her first time advancing so fast in the ice.

Tired but still excited the class took the road to go to the main destination, the Alpensia Resort where the Winter Olympics will be done in 2018.

At the resort, the students got chance to meet the venues & facilities planning department director of the PyeongChang 2018 Organizing Committee, Mr. Jong-guy Lee, who gave an insightful view of how the Organizing Committee is preparing for upcoming important events.

  • Ms. Paola Olmedo enjoying her first ski experience
  • Mr. Kyei Williams expressing his excitement at the resort
Ski Lesson at the Alpensia Ski Resort

Ski day. The second day brought another new experience for the majority of the students, ski. With all the equipment and the enthusiasm, the students started climbing the hill with the help of the great instructors at the place.

They started falling one by one, but the knowledge got up from the snow with them each time and soon the class all was going downhill in good fashion.

"This is easier than skating", told Williams Kyei from Ghana after he finished a successful run.

After one and a half hour of classes and a good lunch some of the students decided to hit the first slope, and accomplished it.

"I did it but only one time because I am too tired", accepted Harini Dilshani, who stayed watching how her classmates went up and down the hill several times.

The third day was less sporty, but in no way less fun, as the DTM group enjoyed the PyeongChang trout festival.

This traditional activity saw the students catch a fish in the water with their bare hands, while they battled the cold and the difficulty of catching a slippery trout.

Other recreations at the festival like ice rafting and go-kart racing also provided a lot of fun for this diverse group that had never enjoyed the winter as much as those three days.

"Can we not stay here for a little longer", exclaimed Paola Olmedo during the trip, and that was the feeling of all the class while the bus returned to Seoul.

  • Mr. Houessouvi Abalo
    experiencing the lively PyeongChang Trout Festival
  • Ms. Harini Dilshani catching a trout with her bare hands