dream together master global sport management graduate program newsletter

2015, Volume 2 Issue 2

DTM Forum : 2014 Dream Together Forum

2014 Dream Together Forum, Seoul

The 2014 Dream Together Forum, Seoul was held at the Centennial Hall of College of Law, Seoul National University in Korea on Friday, November 28, 2014.

This forum was intended to provide an international platform to address the topic of ‘Sport for Global Development’ which is consistent with that of the Olympic Movement’s sport for development initiative. The forum also intended to celebrate its second year of launching the Dream Together Master Program. The Dream Together Master Program is a full scholarship graduate program funded by the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism (MCST) and the Korea Foundation for the Next Generation Sports Talent (NEST) which uses the national sports promotional funds that aim to educate next generation sport administrators as a part of the national project to contribute to international sport development.

Experts from the field of sport development participated as speakers of the ‘2014 Dream Together Forum, Seoul’. They include Professor Jean-Loup Chappelet, Public Management at the Swiss Graduate School of Public Administration (IDHEAP), Professor Gertrud Ursula Pfister, Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sport, University of Copenhagen, Mr. Gerardo René Aguirre Oestmann, President of Guatemalan Olympic Committee, and Mr. Barry Maister ONZM, IOC member of New Zealand.

  • Welcoming Remarks from Keun Bae Yu,
    Executive Vice President at Seoul National University
  • Panel Discussion
Professor Kihan Kim opened the special occasion by welcoming and introducing the aim and intention of the 2014 Dream Together Forum.
Professor Jean-Loup Chappelet started the forum with his presentation on “SAFE (Sustainable, Addiction-free, Fair and Ethical) Sport”. He emphasized the need to promote SAFE sport
through investments and alliance with all stakeholders involved in organizing sport.
Mr. Gerardo René Aguirre Oestmann presented on the topic of “The challenges of sport as a medium for global development: the Guatemalan perspective”. He reviewed the origins and the trends of Olympism and world sports movement in Guatemala, shared the challenges that Guatemala is facing, and further elaborated on the vision and future direction that Guatemalan sport is heading towards.
Professor Gertrud Pfister, continued the lecture by presenting on the topic of “Sport and Globalization”. She spoke about the theories and practices in regards to sport and how sport plays a role in globalization.
Her presentation was then followed by the Dream Together Master Program Class of 2015 student, Maria Paula Mejia Ciro. She presented her Master’s degree thesis findings and discussed the topic of “Public and Private Cooperation in Sport for Development and Peace” and focused on the case of the Colombian Sport for Development and Peace context.
  • Special Performance,
    Students from the Department of Physical Education
  • Best Thesis Award

Finally, Mr. Barry Maister, who graciously agreed to join the Dream Together Forum for the second consecutive year in his continuing support for the program’s initiative, led the discussion panel with all of the forum speakers. The lively panel discussion covered a wide range of topics related to sport and global development, including the relationship between the Olympic movement and development worldwide and the future 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics in regards to the national sport development.

After the conclusion of the lectures, the Dream Together Master Program held the Best Thesis Award ceremony for the class of 2015 and awarded students Ee Laine Chee (Malaysia), Isai Cruz (Guatemala) and Maria Paula Mejia Ciro (Colombia). The awards were presented by Mr. Barry Maister, Mr. Kang Young Song (Executive Chairman of the NEST foundation) and Burn Jang Lim (Emeritus Professor of Seoul National University).

More than 100 guests from around the world attended this year’s forum. The attendees were able to obtain extensive knowledge and insight regarding sport for global development.