dream together master global sport management graduate program newsletter

2015, Volume 2 Issue 1


  • professor. Ian Henry
    Dr. Ian Henry is a professor of Leisure Management and Policy and the director of the Centre for Olympic Studies & Research in the School of Sport and Exercise Sciences at Loughborough University, UK.
  •  Ms. EeLaine Chee
    Student Representative
    My name is Chee Ee Laine and I'm from Malaysia. I'm a copy editor by profession and also the assistant secretary of the Malaysia Ice Hockey Federation. My goal for this program is to further my knowledge ...
  •  Seung-hyun Lee & Isai Cruz
    Mentor & Mentee
    The Dream Together Master Program offers its Dream Together Master international students with various support systems, one of which is the Dream Together Master Mentoring program.
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  • Mohammed, Ahmed
    Mohammed, Ahmed
    Sports specialist,
    Ministry of State for
  • Urena, Diego
    Urena, Diego
    Journalist, La Nacion
    Costa Rica
  • Abalo, Houessouvi
    Abalo, Houessouvi
    Assistant, Ministry of
    Sport & Leisure in Togo
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DTM News

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DTM Life

BlueWings Clubhouse
Sport Field Trip
  • 1.Taekwondowon (Jun 25, 2014)
    The class of 2015 DTM students visited the Taekwondowon to experience the living cultural heritage site of Taekwondo. Taekwondowon is...
  • 2. Suwon World Cup Stadium and BlueWings Clubhouse (Aug 25, 2014)
    The class of 2015 and 2016 students visited ...
Tour of Gosung-Marine Sports
Through the tour of maritime sports facility in South Kyeong-Sang-do Gosung district Danghangpo, the students were able to learn the theories and applicable skills of maritime sports (dinghy yacht, canoe, cruise, wind-surfing) and were able to familiarize themselves with the maritime sports industry. This opportunity ...
 Wind-surfing at Gosung
Gyeongbokgung Palace
Cultural Experience
  • 1.Gyeongbokgung Palace (August 8, 2014)
    Through a Gyeongbokgung Palace tour from Hongryemoon to Hyangwonjun, the students visited the noble, refined royal culture of... Gyeongbokgung palace, the most exquisite...
  • 2. Insa-dong Street (August 8, 2014)
    Through a tour of the Insa-dong streets ...
  • 1. National Kabaddi Championship 2014
    Dream Together Master Program ladies got third place in National Kabaddi Championship..
  • 2. Participating as a referee
    Dream Together Master Program student, Nyamtsogt Ganbold (Mongolia) participated...
  • 3. Woman’s Single in Badminton Tour ...
 Badminton Tournament at SNU
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